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    Fix canvas scale in HiDPI mode · 9d95d8d5
    Dmitry Kazakov authored
    Qt has a bit complicated way to deal with openGL widget
    in scaled HiDPI mode. The openGL widget's framebuffer is
    stored in hardware pixels (physical coordinates), but before
    calling paintGL, Qt sets manual scaling with glOrtho that
    makes this FBO look as if it is stored in logical pixels.
    This patch basically takes it into account by setting
    a correct physical resolution in
    KisZoomManager::updateScreenResolution(). It has one non-
    trivial consequence. Now, when setting zoom to 100% and
    having pixel aspect mode activated, Flake coordinate system
    does **not** have 100% zoom, because it is measured in
    logical coordinates, but not in physical ones, which are
    Fixes T2299
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