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    Implement basic loading of SVG text elements · fa0cf6fb
    Dmitry Kazakov authored
    The basic design is:
    1) Each element of the text (text, tspan) is represented with
       KoSvgTextChunkShape. This chunk stores all the information
       about this portion of the text. The properties are stored in
       KoSvgTextProperties object, that will allow us to export them
       as a markup.
    2) A subtree of test elements is stored in KoSvgTextShape, which
       is also a chunk.
    3) The main text shape accesses the internals of its chunks with
       KoSvgTextChunkShapeLayoutInterface. It encapsulates all the
       details that should not be accessed in public.
    4) A text chunk can be "a text" or "a node". In the latter case
       it is just an intermediate node that stores a set of children
       that actually have the text.
    5) The layout of the text is performed by KoSvgTextShape
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