Commit 0b81556c authored by Michael Abrahams's avatar Michael Abrahams

Define currentPointerType in Windows

Not sure whether this requires strict adherence to a header in Qt5.

This is based on the Frameworks branch. I can rebase it to 2.9 but I don't have a build configured there.

Reviewers: dkazakov, rempt

Differential Revision:
parent bf520131
......@@ -74,10 +74,6 @@ struct QTabletDeviceData
int xinput_button_release;
int xinput_proximity_in;
int xinput_proximity_out;
#elif defined(Q_OS_MAC)
qint64 llId;
int currentDevice;
int currentPointerType;
#elif defined(Q_WS_MAC)
quint64 tabletUniqueID;
int tabletDeviceType;
......@@ -86,8 +82,11 @@ struct QTabletDeviceData
// Added by Krita
#ifdef Q_OS_MAC
QMap<quint8, quint8> buttonsMap;
#if defined(Q_OS_MAC) || defined(Q_OS_WIN32)
QMap<quint8, quint8> buttonsMap;
qint64 llId;
int currentPointerType;
int currentDevice;
#ifdef HAVE_X11
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