Commit 1f6f4039 authored by Thorsten Zachmann's avatar Thorsten Zachmann

Fix assert in in stage

ASSERT failure in setReferenceRect: "Bounding-rect is not normalized", file
/home/tz/develop/kde/git/calligra/libs/textlayout/KoTextLayoutArea.cpp, line 1769

The assert happend on a vertical line with a text shape (even with no text) that
had a padding defiend. Therfore the with was 0 and after padding it was negative
resulting in the above assert.
parent ffac508e
......@@ -155,6 +155,12 @@ QRectF SimpleRootAreaProvider::suggestRect(KoTextLayoutRootArea *rootArea)
||m_textShapeData->resizeMethod() == KoTextShapeData::AutoGrowWidth) {
// Make sure the size is not negative due to padding and border with
// This can happen on vertical lines containing text on shape.
if (rect.width() < 0) {
return rect;
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