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start some documentation for libbrush

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About libbrush
libbrush is a library for handling brush resources. Brush resources
should not be confused with brush engines (or paintops). Brush engines
may or may not use a brush resource. Basically, brush resources provide
an image to make "footprints" with on the canvas, like with a potato
A brush's task is to basically return an image or a mask (depending on
the type) when the brush engine asks for it. The KisBrush class can
also keep a set of prescaled brush images or masks, which is handy
when using the pressure-size curve option for tablets.
There are several kinds of brush types:
* gbr: Gimp one-image brushes, either a grayscale mask or a coloured image.
There are also 16-bit .gbr brushes, created and used by CinePaint.
Krita is compatible with those, too.
* gih: Gimp image hose brushes. Image hoses contain a set of images and
some instructions to determine which image comes next
* custom: this brush is generator from the image or a selection of the image
and can be saved as an ordinary gbr or gih brush.
* text: a basic brush created from some text and a font
* auto: a brush defined from a shape and some parameters.
Other applications support other types of brushes:
* png: krita used to use png images in stead of gbr brushes, and there
are (march 2009) some noises that GIMP might want to use png
brushes again.
* svg: defining brushes in svg format has the advantage that scaling is
lot nicer.
* abr: photoshop's brush format. Early versions are open, later versions
are closed
* painter: Corel Painter has its own closed brush format that would be
interesting to support
* myb: mypaint brushes. Open source and we really should try to support
them, though it may only be useful for a special-built paintop.
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