Commit 2a3e7474 authored by C. Boemann's avatar C. Boemann
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This is no longer relevant as we are in the tool now (was moved here from words)

parent 0316bce8
......@@ -70,19 +70,6 @@ void SimpleLinksWidget::manageBookmarks()
delete dia;
KoBookmark *bookmark = manager->bookmark(name);
#if 0
KoShape *shape = bookmark->shape();
KoSelection *selection = canvasBase()->shapeManager()->selection();
QString tool = KoToolManager::instance()->preferredToolForSelection(selection->selectedShapes());
#ifdef __GNUC__
#warning FIXME: port to textlayout-rework
KoCanvasResourceManager *rm = m_referenceTool->canvas()->resourceManager();
if ((bookmark->positionOnlyMode() == false) && bookmark->hasRange()) {
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