Commit 311d804a authored by Agata Cacko's avatar Agata Cacko

Fix segfault when loading .kra file with a ref pic

There was a crash caused by not checking if anything is on the reference
images layer before updating it. This commit fixes this behaviour.
Reference images should still load just fine.

parent 420635d1
......@@ -173,6 +173,8 @@ void KisReferenceImagesDecoration::setReferenceImageLayer(KisSharedPtr<KisRefere
d->layer = layer;
connect(, SIGNAL(sigUpdateCanvas(QRectF)),
this, SLOT(slotReferenceImagesChanged(QRectF)));
if (layer->extent() != QRectF()) { // in case the reference layer is just being loaded from the .kra file
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