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Commit 3928c0bb authored by Tusooa Zhu's avatar Tusooa Zhu 🔼

Fix layer numbers after switching snapshots

parent ddb5fb19
......@@ -408,7 +408,7 @@ KisImage::KisImage(const KisImage& rhs, KisUndoStore *undoStore, bool exactCopy)
m_d->compositions << toQShared(new KisLayerComposition(*comp, this));
rhs.m_d->nserver = KisNameServer(rhs.m_d->nserver);
m_d->nserver = rhs.m_d->nserver;
vKisAnnotationSP newAnnotations;
Q_FOREACH (KisAnnotationSP annotation, rhs.m_d->annotations) {
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