Commit 412d0781 authored by Timothée Giet's avatar Timothée Giet

add icons for stamp and clipboard brush tips

add icons for stamp and clipboard brush tips
parent 156c8bcd
......@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@
#include <KoResourceItemChooser.h>
#include <kis_icon_utils.h>
#include "kis_brush_registry.h"
#include "kis_brush_server.h"
#include "widgets/kis_slider_spin_box.h"
......@@ -150,8 +151,8 @@ KisBrushChooser::KisBrushChooser(QWidget *parent, const char *name)
mainLayout->addWidget(m_itemChooser, 10);
QPushButton *stampButton = new QPushButton(i18n("Stamp"), this);
QPushButton *clipboardButton = new QPushButton(i18n("Clipboard"), this);
QPushButton *stampButton = new QPushButton(KisIconUtils::loadIcon("list-add"), i18n("Stamp"), this);
QPushButton *clipboardButton = new QPushButton(KisIconUtils::loadIcon("edit-paste"), i18n("Clipboard"), this);
stampButton->setToolTip(i18n("Creates a brush tip from the current image selection."
"\n If no selection is present the whole image will be used."));
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