Commit 420864e0 authored by Ariya Hidayat's avatar Ariya Hidayat
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implemented a much more compact representation of packed nodes

use QPair instead of hand-made double QString
use QHash to replace QMap
removed unused KoXmlStream
made nsURI and name using index
use conservative growth strategy for item collections
avoid invalid deallocation on null node
shifted most code from KoXmlHandler to KoXmlPackedDocument
fixed potential leak during node loading
minor speed-up on some constructors

svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=603118
parent 851b8fce
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......@@ -190,6 +190,7 @@ public:
friend class KoXmlNode;
friend class KoXmlCDATASection;
friend class KoXmlDocument;
KoXmlText( KoXmlNodeData* );
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