Commit 54776118 authored by Wolthera van Hövell's avatar Wolthera van Hövell 🐛

Add rant why per-shot looks won't work after wasting afternoon on it.

The tl;dr is that OCIO's documentation is extremely vague.

Ref T2337
parent a3b224b6
...@@ -138,7 +138,22 @@ void OcioDisplayFilter::updateProcessor() ...@@ -138,7 +138,22 @@ void OcioDisplayFilter::updateProcessor()
transform->setDisplay(displayDevice); transform->setDisplay(displayDevice);
transform->setView(view); transform->setView(view);
//Add looks, no idea if this is working right... /**
* Look support:
* As the OCIO docs will tell you, looks are a aesthetic transform that is
* added onto the mix.
* A view+display can have it's own assigned Look, or list of looks, and these
* can be overriden optionally.
* What the OCIO docs won't tell you is that a display transform won't use the
* looks attached to it unless "skipColorSpaceConversions" is false...
* I have no idea what "skipColorSpaceConversions" is beyond what it says on the
* tin. It is not mentioned in the documentation anywhere. Or on the website.
* Or how to set it. Or unset it. Why it is apparantly set true to begin with.
* Only that, apparantly, this was done with non-color data in mind...
* Until there's clear documentation on how to use this feature, I am afraid the
* override is all we can offer.
if (config->getLook(look)) { if (config->getLook(look)) {
transform->setLooksOverride(look); transform->setLooksOverride(look);
transform->setLooksOverrideEnabled(true); transform->setLooksOverrideEnabled(true);
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