Commit 6180b407 authored by Alvin Wong's avatar Alvin Wong

Remove ffmpeg from Windows build script

parent 367dde18
......@@ -707,7 +707,7 @@ echo.
set EXT_TARGETS=patch png2ico gettext qt zlib boost eigen3 exiv2 fftw3 ilmbase
set EXT_TARGETS=%EXT_TARGETS% jpeg lcms2 ocio openexr png tiff gsl vc libraw
set EXT_TARGETS=%EXT_TARGETS% giflib freetype poppler kwindowsystem drmingw gmic
set EXT_TARGETS=%EXT_TARGETS% python sip pyqt ffmpeg
set EXT_TARGETS=%EXT_TARGETS% python sip pyqt
for %%a in (%EXT_TARGETS%) do (
echo Building ext_%%a...
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