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......@@ -79,6 +79,20 @@ class KoGenStyle;
* <li>through an associated tool,
* <li>through a factory
* </ul>
* <h1>Shape interaction notifications</h1>
* We had several notification methods that allow your shape to be notified of changes in other
* shapes positions or rotation etc.
* <ol><li>The most general is KoShape::shapeChanged().<br>
* a virtual method that you can use to check various changed to your shape made by tools or otherwise.</li>
* <li>for shape hierarchies the parent may receive a notification when a child was modified.
* This is done though KoShapeContainerModel::childChanged()</li>
* <li>any shape that is at a similar position as another shape there is collision detection.
* You can register your shape to be sensitive to any changes like moving or whatever to
* <b>other</b> shapes that intersect yours.
* Such changes will then be notified to your shape using the method from (1) You should call
* KoShape::setCollisionDetection(bool) to enable this.
* </ol>
class FLAKE_EXPORT KoShape
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