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......@@ -73,7 +73,12 @@ QWidget * KoTool::optionWidget(QWidget * parent) {
if ( !m_optionWidget ) {
// XXX: Re-add the ui tool name to show in this label. It probably
// was removed post moving KisTool to KoTool and I'm too fed up
// to re-add it right now.
// to re-add it right now. (boud)
// TZ: On the other hand, just returning any widget here will loose the
// information whether we actually have options or not. I'd much rather
// return 0 if there are no options and let the GUI show a better default.
// Especially since I expect to have an interface soon where we can extract
// the options from the option-panel instance and persist them between restarts.
//m_optionWidget = new QLabel(i18n("No options for %1.", m_visibleName), parent);
QLabel * l = new QLabel(i18n("No options for the current tool"), parent);
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