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Commit 7bf22a69 authored by Boudewijn Rempt's avatar Boudewijn Rempt

Only translate this after the release

Deevad needs the functionality now, so add it without marking for
parent 72d25ba0
......@@ -493,7 +493,8 @@ void KisView2::dropEvent(QDropEvent *event)
QAction *openInNewDocument = new KAction(i18n("Open in New Document"), &popup);
QAction *openInNewDocuments = new KAction(i18n("Open in New Documents"), &popup);
QAction *replaceCurrentDocument = new KAction(i18n("Replace Current Document"), &popup);
// XXX: translate after 2.4
QAction *replaceCurrentDocument = new KAction("Replace Current Document", &popup);
QAction *cancel = new KAction(i18n("Cancel"), &popup);
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