Commit 8a13a363 authored by Frederik Gladhorn's avatar Frederik Gladhorn

Use qobject_cast instead of dynamic_cast

It's faster and doesn't force rtti.
parent facef2d2
......@@ -142,17 +142,17 @@ bool adjustIcon(QIcon *icon)
void updateIconCommon(QObject *object)
QAbstractButton* button = dynamic_cast<QAbstractButton*>(object);
QAbstractButton* button = qobject_cast<QAbstractButton*>(object);
if (button) {
QComboBox* comboBox = dynamic_cast<QComboBox*>(object);
QComboBox* comboBox = qobject_cast<QComboBox*>(object);
if (comboBox) {
QAction* action = dynamic_cast<QAction*>(object);
QAction* action = qobject_cast<QAction*>(object);
if (action) {
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