Commit 8e1f549e authored by Dmitry Kazakov's avatar Dmitry Kazakov

Removed saving of the debug PNG-files

Thanks Thra11 for pointing this out!
parent 31cf7123
......@@ -113,13 +113,9 @@ qreal KisFilterOp::paintAt(const KisPaintInformation& info)
KisPainter p(m_tmpDevice);
p.bitBltOldData(QPoint(x-neededRect.x(), y-neededRect.y()), source(), neededRect);
static int i = 0;
m_filter->process(m_tmpDevice, rect, m_filterConfiguration, 0);
// Apply the mask on the paint device (filter before mask because edge pixels may be important)
KisFixedPaintDeviceSP fixedDab = source()->createCompositionSourceDeviceFixed();
......@@ -128,8 +124,6 @@ qreal KisFilterOp::paintAt(const KisPaintInformation& info)
brush->mask(fixedDab, scale, scale, 0.0, info, xFraction, yFraction);
m_tmpDevice->writeBytes(fixedDab->data(), fixedDab->bounds());
const KoColorSpace* tmpCS = m_tmpDevice->colorSpace();
const KoColorSpace* srcCS = source()->colorSpace();
if (!m_ignoreAlpha && srcCS->id() != "ALPHA") {
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