Commit 9a929e16 authored by Ivan Yossi's avatar Ivan Yossi 👌

packaging macOS: delete local r_path from PyQt5 files

parent 8d6a2a5d
......@@ -273,6 +273,12 @@ strip_python_dmginstall() {
rm -rf distutils tkinter ensurepip venv lib2to3 idlelib
# Some libraries require r_path to be removed
# we must not apply delete rpath globally
delete_install_rpath() {
xargs -P4 -I FILE install_name_tool -delete_rpath "${BUILDROOT}/i/lib" FILE 2> "${BUILDROOT}/deploy_error.log"
fix_python_framework() {
# Fix python.framework rpath and slims down installation
......@@ -290,7 +296,8 @@ fix_python_framework() {
install_name_tool -add_rpath @executable_path/../../../../ "${PythonFrameworkBase}/Versions/Current/bin/python${PY_VERSION}m"
# Fix rpaths from Python.Framework
find ${PythonFrameworkBase} -type f -perm 755 | xargs -P4 -I FILE install_name_tool -delete_rpath "${BUILDROOT}/i/lib" FILE 2> /dev/null
find ${PythonFrameworkBase} -type f -perm 755 | delete_install_rpath
find "${PythonFrameworkBase}/Versions/Current/site-packages/PyQt5" -type f -name "*.so" | delete_install_rpath
# Checks for macdeployqt
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