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API Docs and fix/remove TODOs

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......@@ -26,17 +26,44 @@
class KoShape;
class KoShapeConfigWidgetBase;
* A factory that creates config panels (widgets) for just a created shape.
* The KoCreateShapesTool is able to show a number of configuration panels after
* it created a shape via user interaction. Each shape configuration panel type
* has its own factory, which will inherit from this class.
* @see KoShapeFactory::panelFactories()
* @see KoShapeConfigWidgetBase
class FLAKE_EXPORT KoShapeConfigFactory {
/// default constructor
KoShapeConfigFactory() {}
virtual ~KoShapeConfigFactory() {}
* create a new config widget, intialized with the param shape
* @param shape the shape that will be configured in the config widget.
* @see KoShapeConfigWidgetBase::open()
virtual KoShapeConfigWidgetBase *createConfigWidget(KoShape *shape) = 0;
/// return the (translated) name of this configuration
virtual QString name() const = 0;
* Return a sorting ordering to specify where in the list of config widgets this
* one will be shown.
* Higher sorting numbers will be shown first. The default is 1.
virtual int sortingOrder() const { return 1; }
* Return true if the createConfigWidget() should be called at all for a shape of
* the specified type.
* @param id an ID like the KoShapeFactory::shapeId()
virtual bool showForShapeId(const QString &id) const { Q_UNUSED(id); return true; }
/// \internal a compare for sorting.
static bool compare(KoShapeConfigFactory *f1, KoShapeConfigFactory *f2) {
return f1->sortingOrder() - f2->sortingOrder() > 0;
......@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ KoShapeContainer::ChildrenData::ChildrenData() {
KoShapeContainer::ChildrenData::~ChildrenData() {
// TODO will the relation instances in m_relations be deleted?
void KoShapeContainer::ChildrenData::add(KoShape *child) {
......@@ -161,7 +161,6 @@ signals:
* Emitted when this tool wants itself to be replaced by another tool.
* The id it gives is the 'id' part of a KoID instance that is linked to the
* specified tool.
* TODO should this be an int instead so I can do an emit sigActivateTool(OtherTool::ID) ?
* @param id the identification of the desired tool
......@@ -7,9 +7,5 @@
* Add 'ensureVisible(KoShape)' to KoCanvasController
* rescaling does not alter the positions of the connectors. I expect their
relative position to the whole shape to stay the same.
Use xcursorgen to create real xcursors
Use xcursorgen to create real xcursors ? (boemann)
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