Unbreak build

9f3798be7ca9cbd7ea7e7b0eef4f2dab002b64d8 was not yet complete here
parent dcc3bb84
......@@ -367,11 +367,15 @@ void KisCanvas2::createQPainterCanvas()
void KisCanvas2::createOpenGLCanvas()
KisConfig cfg;
m_d->openGLFilterMode = cfg.openGLFilteringMode();
m_d->currentCanvasIsOpenGL = true;
KisOpenGLCanvas2 *canvasWidget = new KisOpenGLCanvas2(this, m_d->coordinatesConverter, 0, m_d->view->image(), m_d->displayColorConverter);
qFatal("Bad use of createOpenGLCanvas(). It shouldn't have happened =(");
void KisCanvas2::createCanvas(bool useOpenGL)
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