Commit d44e2350 authored by Halla Rempt's avatar Halla Rempt
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BUG:336693 Also change the color selector when selecting a vector layer

parent 62b2c759
......@@ -85,11 +85,11 @@ void SpecificColorSelectorDock::setMainWindow(KisViewManager* kisview)
void SpecificColorSelectorDock::layerChanged(const KisNodeSP node)
if (!node) return;
if (!node->paintDevice()) return;
if (!node->projection()) return;
if (!m_colorSelector) return;
if (!m_colorSelector->customColorSpaceUsed()) {
const KoColorSpace *cs = node->paintDevice() ?
node->paintDevice()->compositionSourceColorSpace() :
const KoColorSpace *cs = node->projection() ?
node->projection()->compositionSourceColorSpace() :
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