Commit dea94e14 authored by Thomas Zander's avatar Thomas Zander

Save the clipping of a shape.

This is a bit tricky to verify since OOo is, ehm, odd...
First it only actually recognizes the clip option if the parent style
is "Graphics". Thats a literal name, it doesn't matter if the style is
defined or not.
In OOo the unit system used for the clip is not in document units, not
sure what it expects.

svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=1118034
parent 182b031c
/* This file is part of the KDE project
Copyright (C) 2006 Casper Boemann Rasmussen <>
Copyright (C) 2006-2009 Thomas Zander <>
Copyright (C) 2006-2010 Thomas Zander <>
Copyright (C) 2006-2010 Thorsten Zachmann <>
Copyright (C) 2007-2009 Jan Hambrecht <>
......@@ -947,6 +947,23 @@ QString KoShape::saveStyle(KoGenStyle &style, KoShapeSavingContext &context) con
style.addProperty(it.key(), it.value());
if (parent() && parent()->childClipped(this)) {
* In KOffice clipping is done using a parent shape which can be rotated, sheared etc
* and even non-square. So the ODF interoperability version we write here is really
* just a very simple version of that...
qreal top = -position().y();
qreal left = -position().x();
qreal right = parent()->size().width() - size().width() - left;
qreal bottom = parent()->size().height() - size().height() - top;
style.addProperty("fo:clip", QString("rect(%1pt, %2pt, %3pt, %4pt)")
.arg(top, 10, 'f').arg(right, 10, 'f')
.arg(bottom, 10, 'f').arg(left, 10, 'f'));
return context.mainStyles().insert(style, context.isSet(KoShapeSavingContext::PresentationShape) ? "pr" : "gr");
......@@ -1282,7 +1299,17 @@ void KoShape::saveOdfAttributes(KoShapeSavingContext &context, int attributes) c
if (attributes & OdfSize) {
const QSizeF s(size());
QSizeF s(size());
if (parent() && parent()->childClipped(this)) { // being clipped shrinks our visible size
// clipping in ODF is done using a combination of visual size and content cliprect.
// A picture of 10cm x 10cm displayed in a box of 2cm x 4cm will be scaled (out
// of proportion in this case). If we then add a fo:clip like;
// fo:clip="rect(2cm, 3cm, 4cm, 5cm)" (top, right, bottom, left)
// our original 10x10 is clipped to 2cm x 4cm and *then* fitted in that box.
// TODO do this properly by subtracting rects
s = parent()->size();
context.xmlWriter().addAttributePt("svg:width", s.width());
context.xmlWriter().addAttributePt("svg:height", s.height());
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