Commit fe4046be authored by Stefan Nikolaus's avatar Stefan Nikolaus

Fix krazy issues: return values as const-references


svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=817984
parent 27da759e
......@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ QHash<QString, KoXmlElement*> KoOdfStylesReader::autoStyles(const QString& famil
return stylesDotXml ? d->stylesAutoStyles.value( family ) : d->contentAutoStyles.value( family );
const KoOdfStylesReader::DataFormatsMap& KoOdfStylesReader::dataFormats() const
KoOdfStylesReader::DataFormatsMap KoOdfStylesReader::dataFormats() const
return d->dataFormats;
......@@ -266,17 +266,17 @@ const KoXmlElement& KoOdfStylesReader::layerSet() const
return d->layerSet;
const QHash<QString, KoXmlElement*>& KoOdfStylesReader::listStyles() const
QHash<QString, KoXmlElement*> KoOdfStylesReader::listStyles() const
return d->listStyles;
const QHash<QString, KoXmlElement*>& KoOdfStylesReader::masterPages() const
QHash<QString, KoXmlElement*> KoOdfStylesReader::masterPages() const
return d->masterPages;
const QHash<QString, KoXmlElement*>& KoOdfStylesReader::drawStyles() const
QHash<QString, KoXmlElement*> KoOdfStylesReader::drawStyles() const
return d->drawStyles;
......@@ -107,13 +107,13 @@ public:
const KoXmlElement& layerSet() const;
/// @return all list styles ("text:list-style" elements), hashed by name
const QHash<QString, KoXmlElement*>& listStyles() const;
QHash<QString, KoXmlElement*> listStyles() const;
/// @return master pages ("style:master-page" elements), hashed by name
const QHash<QString, KoXmlElement*>& masterPages() const;
QHash<QString, KoXmlElement*> masterPages() const;
/// @return draw styles, hashed by name
const QHash<QString, KoXmlElement*>& drawStyles() const;
QHash<QString, KoXmlElement*> drawStyles() const;
/// @return all custom styles ("style:style" elements) for a given family, hashed by name
QHash<QString, KoXmlElement*> customStyles(const QString& family) const;
......@@ -128,7 +128,7 @@ public:
typedef QHash<QString, KoOdfNumberStyles::NumericStyleFormat> DataFormatsMap;
/// Value (date/time/number...) formats found while parsing styles. Used e.g. for fields.
/// Key: format name. Value:
const DataFormatsMap& dataFormats() const;
DataFormatsMap dataFormats() const;
enum TypeAndLocation
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