1. 09 Apr, 2013 1 commit
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      Implement a per-thread color space conversion cache · 8a013214
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      This makes the cross-colorspace painting about 2 times faster.
      There is really high contention on this mutex, so the per-thread storage
      relaxes it a bit.
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      Fixed a performance bug in KoID · ad0e329c
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      In general, code duplication is not good. Avoiding it here makes the
      performance of multi-colorspace painting about 5 times faster.
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      Properly disable benchmarks on windows · 6c7ceb9d
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      'NOT' != '!' in cmake
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      Fix crash in document structure docker · ca22907c
      Thorsten Zachmann authored
      The problem was that the element was not removed then the document was deleted and
      therefore it crashed when used.
      BUG: 317975
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      Update header to <ui_ManageBookmark.h> · be1c427b
      Aman Madaan authored
      The previous version was called SelectBookmark.ui, it was renamed
      but I forgot to delete the headers from the build directory.
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      Expansion of the References section by adding features to insert hyperlinks, · 2f4dd4ff
      Aman Madaan authored
      bookmarks and links to bookmarks.
      This patch adds the following features :
      1. Inserting hyperlinks
         -- User has a choice of inserting a link by specifying the target and the
      link text.
         -- The user may fetch the title from the web page itself (contents of the
      "title" tag ). This feature also handles URL redirects.This feature will especially
      help in cases when a user has a list of links referred to and a list of references
      has to be created. Just copy/pasting the URL, clicking fetch and then insert will do the job.
      2. Linking to bookmarks
         -- A user can specify a bookmark name and the link text. To help the user
      with inserting a bookmark, an auto completer is used.
      3. Adding Bookmark using a labeled widget ( similar to the way footnote and
      endnote labels are entered)
      4. Improvement to the Manage Bookmarks ui by adding feature to insert a bookmark
      and fixing bugs.
      A list of commit headlines follow :
          Added licenses
          Fixed Insert and Rename feature in ManageBookmarks.
          Deleted Advanced options.
          Combined bookmark name line edit and the list widget into an editable combobox.
          Finised Internationalization
          Modify insertText() to accomodate links
          Merged LinkedInsertionDialog, WeblinkInsertionWidget and
          Add a new bookmark to the list as it is added
          Simple Link insertion finished.
          Added the SimpleLinkWidget to the references dock
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