1. 16 Sep, 2005 1 commit
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      * Add pressure sensitivity setting -- this should be tested since my tablet doesn't · 16681d2a
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      quite work here...
      * Move at least one method to XYZ as a fallback from the abstract colorspace. (This
      is a free-for-all, feel free start implementing either xyz fallback methods or 
      specialized implementations for functions in the other colorspaces, the architecture
      is now done for now.
      * Add my presentation to our documentation directory.
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=455021
  4. 25 Aug, 2005 1 commit
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      * FEATURE: add 16 bits gray and cmyk colorspaces · 732d95c2
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
          * Removed unused brightnes/contrast methods from all colorspaces -- these are replaced
            by applyAdjustment.
          * Moved the popup buttons to a docker, made the paintop box a combobox and placed
            all of them in their own docker; let's see whether that works out. If you don't
            like this arrangement, shout at me.
          * Filled in the u8 and u16 base colorspaces with alpha/to/from qcolor and other
            common functionality.
          * Optimize bigendian display by using lcms for the byte-swapping
          * Made a generic toQImage that uses lcms.
          * Created a KisDlgLayerProperties dialog that shows the colorspace of the current
            layer and also used a .ui file, instead of a coded layout.
          * Added a createdcop.py script that generates the skeleton for a dcop interface
          * Messed about with dcop some more
          * Since an icc profiles works with any lcms colorspace, make the lcmscolorspace type
            private to kisprofile.
          * Added icons to the items in the paintop box
          * Fix cutting
          * Fix XYZ colorspace
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=453234
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      * Added ui for bumpmap plugin · 983a90e9
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      * Use exact selection extent for gradient -- gradient is still much too slow
        and takes much too much cpu, though
      * More work on a karbon-like toolbox
      * Fix warning in convolution painter
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=430492
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      * Fixed toolbar icons (rotate icons still to go) · ee77cf32
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      * Started to fix the magic wand selection tool (GUI: added a combobox)
      * Added design document for API after the release
      * Removed lots of obsolete icons
      * Added todo's about rotate/transform
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=404804
  13. 07 Apr, 2005 1 commit
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      * More wet work · 553842a8
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      * Fixed ui files once again
      * Made the layer box prettier and more functional
      * Added the ui for locking layers; one half of bug 90456 is done.
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=403905
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      * Created KisID; a class used to uniquely and language-independently identify · 2d6015e2
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      Krita resources such as filters and colour models.
      * Small optimization: if we create a black, transparent image, use the
      default tiles and don't create tiles for the entire image size.
      * Fix in kis_iterator_pixel: advance the selection iterator with just as much
      as the pixel iterator.
      * Added filter test to the performance tests -- these make Krita run out of
      memory, though.
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=400186
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      * The projection now has the image's profile so we are actually using profiles · 59581c12
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      for display.
      * That makes CMYK look a little less broken...
      * Added supportsPainting and progressEnabled flags to the filter interface
      * Use the tile size directly instead of via getters: callgrind showed that
        about half the function calls were tileWidth() and tileHeigh()
      * Make the autogradient box a little smaller
      * Make the layer box a little smaller
      * Actually fill the filters list with filters (but selecting them doesn't
        do anything yet)
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=394038
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      * Make plugins from paintops · ddb5c23f
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      * Refactor all code to distinguish between depths-as-in-bytes-per-pixel and
      depth as in channels-per-pixel.
      * Move filter tool to its own plugin
      * Add the base for a wet+sticky paint model plugin
      * Add a toolbox for paint ops, filters etc.
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=390558
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      * Added configure checks for littlecms. · 91a59f30
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      * Started integrating littlecms into Krita for conversion between color spaces
        and input/display/output, i.e., the foundations for real colour management.
      * Load icm profiles as Krita resources.
      * Renamed KisPixelRepresentation to KisPixel, added method to retrieve alpha
        and removed colorspace specific specializations
      * Cleaned up API of color spaces -- get rid of unused QColor and QRgb
      * Made sure the iterators only initialize the KisPixels through the
        color strategies who know what's what.
      * Implemented selection moving again (but it's slow, and marred by a
        bug in selection clearing).
      * Added plugin to convert between image modes (i.e., colour spaces
        with alpha etc.) Just the UI -- implementation will start right
        after pressing ESC:wqENTER.
      * Sundry bug fixes in cmyk, alpha and gray colour strategies caused
        by rampant global constants.
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=367877
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    • Boudewijn Rempt's avatar
      * All tools are now collected in a KPart module that is loaded only once. · d619ecd5
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
        (Todo: work with the correct .rc file. Because tools are loaded only
        once. the defaulttoolsplugin.rc is not read and the toolbars are not
        populated. Don't know how to solve this right now.)
      * Moved all generic tool interfaces and abstract classes to the core,
        where all tool plugins can use them.
      * Made a tool registry/factory.
      * Split the patterns/gradients/brush shapes docker into a fill and
        a shape docker.
      * Detached the options docker by default because we've got too many dockers now.
      * Moved the scoped lock helper class to tiles, which is the only place where
        it was actually used.
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=348105
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      Cleanup of the color chooser, now using the observer pattern. Replaced... · e2ebad50
      Sven Langkamp authored
      Cleanup of the color chooser, now using the observer pattern. Replaced ColorDocker by DockFrameDocker so that there is only one implementation of the dockers which should make future changes easier
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=338880
    • Adrian Page's avatar
      Add a gradient tool: · 64edc197
      Adrian Page authored
      - Only radial and linear gradients at the moment, more shapes to come.
      - It doesn't respect the current selection yet, it fills the whole layer.
      - Rendering speed will become a lot faster using iterators, or anything faster than setPixel/pixel.
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=338859
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