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      Fixes: slowness on embedded devices. · cfc2b625
      Thomas Zander authored
      Details: On embedded devices like n810 (which uses an Arm processor) usage
      of double is incredably expensive.  In almost all cases our usage of double
      can be done just as well using floats on those devices.
      This is something that Qt does as well using the type 'qreal' which is a
      double on all modern platforms but float on those that don't have double
      natively.  So we get the best of both worlds by replacing double with qreal.
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      I promised to deliver something, so here it is: · a9d52fcb
      Jan Hambrecht authored
      A connection shape which is a parameter shape and 
      which can be manipulated with the standard path
      tool. You can change the type of the connection 
      and connect/disconnect to and from other shapes.
      Loading and saving is not implemented yet.
      You can change the stroke of the connection like 
      with every other shape by using the stroke docker.
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