1. 02 Jun, 2006 1 commit
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  3. 30 May, 2006 8 commits
  4. 29 May, 2006 14 commits
  5. 28 May, 2006 4 commits
  6. 27 May, 2006 6 commits
    • Jarosław Staniek's avatar
      KoProperty · 1cc165b6
      Jarosław Staniek authored
      - group items now have rather pretty appearance styled with KDE style
      2.0: ported
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=545637
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      DOX: typo · 0442b223
      Adriaan de Groot authored
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=545592
    • Adriaan de Groot's avatar
      Qt4 porting · 4816c29c
      Adriaan de Groot authored
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=545547
    • Cédric Pasteur's avatar
      Porting to trunk: · ddde3581
      Cédric Pasteur authored
      * Improved a little bit FactoryManager doc
      * Added a better fix for the group item problem: now there's a label on top of group items, so we don't have to care about repainting the item (in fact it was much easier to implement than my first solution, and it's even better...)
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=545530
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      Make it compile · ab2ea107
      Laurent Montel authored
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    • Cédric Pasteur's avatar
      Porting to 2.0: · 9c971726
      Cédric Pasteur authored
      * Fixed some typos in KoProperty doxygen doc
      * Fix: make the group titles in Editor written in the two columns (instead of being clipped in the first column)
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=545508