1. 25 Apr, 2013 1 commit
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  3. 21 Apr, 2013 1 commit
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
      Fixed a recentering after crop/resize bug · 25572c41
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      This introduces quite a non-trivial still-point concept... please, read
      about it in the docs for KisImage::sigImageSizeChanged.
      The general idea of user iteractions:
      1) When rescaling/rotating the whole image (the actual content
         doesn't change):
         -> the scaling/rotating of the image happens around its center
            (not around the center of the screen!)
      2) When cropping/changing the size of the canvas (the amount of content
         -> the content of the image that is left after cropping does not
            change its position on screen
      3) When working in FIT_WIDTH/FIT_PAGE modes:
         -> changing the size of the image switches zoom mode to CONSTANT
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    • Inge Wallin's avatar
      Merge the git-libs-named_styles-ingwa branch into master · 8c7a1aca
      Inge Wallin authored
      REVIEW: 109980
      Squashed commit of the following:
      commit 5b8d9b5315d03dfb797467abc95cdaad5a3c709c
      Merge: 1939759 48a972a
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Fri Apr 12 18:27:26 2013 +0200
          Merge branch 'master' into libs-named_styles-ingwa
      commit 19397593f2ef699dc2ca64ea6f77941a6bcd4b74
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Fri Apr 12 14:30:34 2013 +0200
          Implement loading of styles for use while traversing the odf files.
      commit 89ec4c9251a73c3e5dcf5c0772bfc0f58e82aee2
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Fri Apr 12 14:29:54 2013 +0200
          Add a FIXME for later.
      commit 33ae417997c6b06f10723472fde37be030d2b7bf
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Fri Apr 12 14:27:42 2013 +0200
          Fix a bug with saving style parent name.
      commit 6ee0036fb69f5b4e2544c6a7837e388b90c84487
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Fri Apr 12 11:56:51 2013 +0200
          Implement saving of styles.
      commit 8a6ede27c9e3f253d893613ea2fb3b2cfaebe0f5
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Fri Apr 12 07:05:44 2013 +0200
          Make the style read all properties, just not the first one.
      commit fe05435f97c2b79d47e3e7c97544790ef5d6c32d
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Thu Apr 11 19:30:50 2013 +0200
          Fix some bugs with attributes in KoXmlStreamReader.
          This was done by letting KoXmlStreamAttributes emulate a QVector
          rather than inherit from it.
      commit e6d403d8b88617a5cdb6d800ee9fcaf8d85d4e62
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Sun Apr 7 09:16:49 2013 +0200
          Port the styles classes to the KoXmlStreamReader.
      commit bbf7e862847bf6ce1c98e810bc6f54316c309e49
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Sun Apr 7 09:15:10 2013 +0200
          Fix a bug with soundness calculation in the precense of unexpected namespaces.
      commit 3d7d932026b615a351575820751dcdd8257192d8
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Sat Apr 6 20:38:22 2013 +0200
          Fix ugliness.
      commit cb57db362f5dd04cbf9ed41581e79ff0b2402ae8
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Sat Apr 6 20:31:04 2013 +0200
          Implement attribute handling for unsound documents.
          Actually, the only thing that was left was to rewrite the prefix for
      commit d27e4cf44386d9175fcbb9bbdf8c4966fe0b492a
      Merge: d6d3898 d0643a2
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Sat Apr 6 16:35:34 2013 +0200
          Merge branch 'master' into libs-named_styles-ingwa
      commit d6d38981ee95c0c68b9c2eff82da034ab3938037
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Sat Apr 6 16:16:24 2013 +0200
          Make attributes work for sound documents.
          This introduces the new classes KoXmlStreamAttribute and
          KoXmlStreamAttributes, which are API compatible equivalents of the
          corresponding QXmlStreamReader classes.
          So far the workings for unsound documents are not done yet.
      commit 463d566f098c40816834d2044281328a61fe3da3
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Wed Apr 3 20:57:27 2013 +0200
          Disable copying of a KoXmlStreamReader.
      commit 06ce87efd9b7121dbeb39542b341e8158cfcd593
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Wed Apr 3 20:40:06 2013 +0200
          Reimplement a little more of the QXmlStreamReader API
           * All the constructors
           * the setDevice() function
      commit 4fcf23e3f5b36d4ee418cc614ee61cf2425eb88b
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Wed Apr 3 20:24:41 2013 +0200
          Also install the KoXmlStreamReader.h file
      commit 124440310ad0042c8a657ceb687f74b6123e9cc6
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Wed Apr 3 20:23:32 2013 +0200
          Add a convenience function to prepare the stream reader for reading ODF.
      commit 596521a04a332425d2539c057165e03f47169292
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Wed Apr 3 20:05:28 2013 +0200
          Clean up the API to KoXmlStreamReader.
          In particular, remove the extra struct that was declared previously.
          Thanks to Jaroslaw Staniek for valuable feedback.
      commit 56e84833de1c0dc404894a730c8eb65921fd2dd8
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Tue Apr 2 22:39:33 2013 +0200
          First version of the KoXmlStreamReader.
          Attributes are still not handled and I need to do a lot of testing.
          But the main ideas are all in there.
      commit 3938eec04343319785cbad8f10c455840a4ea626
      Merge: b856e3b 00ff2b2
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Tue Apr 2 17:15:36 2013 +0200
          Merge branch 'master' into libs-named_styles-ingwa
      commit b856e3ba7f61465ea00c88084b6a3ef35c1fbc67
      Merge: 6e303e8 4a46fc5
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Thu Mar 28 15:22:42 2013 +0100
          Merge branch 'master' into libs-named_styles-ingwa
      commit 6e303e81aa1ba950c4d75581568af86a71bfa76d
      Merge: 4dc251b f9aba74
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Sun Mar 24 19:02:47 2013 +0100
          Merge branch 'master' into libs-named_styles-ingwa
      commit 4dc251b109977a719537c12f43d2106b9488253e
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Sun Mar 24 19:00:37 2013 +0100
          Add a KoOdfStyleManager to Karbon and make it read the styles.
      commit 41711859d0a4035647d2821b89588610e1bf0d9e
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Sun Mar 24 16:58:43 2013 +0100
          Initialize some values
      commit 1c1c06f1d8d2b24ca488aa53d3537ea06e2babe5
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Sun Mar 24 16:48:16 2013 +0100
          Make the style manager load all styles.
          Also implement display-name
      commit 4bf58b88976006a50e0e127315294ba20e7c0e62
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Sun Mar 24 15:33:48 2013 +0100
          Read styles and property set attributes.
          Most style attributes and property set children are not yet read.
      commit 8d22a38864e49bcc9dfa95f7a63151c0ca8e86fd
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Sun Mar 24 08:26:51 2013 +0100
          Split KoOdfStyleProperties into its own file.
      commit d83ad0872c6f45b24109e8a88105b180c5cc799e
      Merge: acf47fc 736ad31
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Thu Mar 21 07:54:42 2013 +0100
          Merge branch 'master' into libs-named_styles-ingwa
      commit acf47fc833b5e56d0b4feec4f2ec0aad0455f68d
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Fri Mar 8 11:41:52 2013 +0100
          Copy loading of styles from the epub filter and adapt it
      commit bf4604b870bf957e9f01ad6748ba02cb5ef3c672
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Fri Mar 8 10:00:57 2013 +0100
          Some minor changes
           - Switch to QHash from QMap
           - Some name changes
           - Some rearranging of the code
      commit 5418bf6222ba8af07a1b6bc9caf2ba2eb6bbf52d
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Fri Mar 8 09:33:49 2013 +0100
          Add a flag to tell whether a style is in use.
          This is used when the styles are sorted in style selectors in the UI.
      commit e2789d78aca233cce431ce7f292508f893d1f914
      Merge: 509f638 68b1bfb
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Fri Mar 8 09:04:47 2013 +0100
          Merge branch 'master' into libs-named_styles-ingwa
      commit 509f638e25fae5ada70478f6ae481374fe316993
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Sun Mar 3 02:34:40 2013 +0100
          Fix includes
      commit b8fcabf8a8d338b08922ed316ede1f52b6ab21b8
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Sun Mar 3 02:27:25 2013 +0100
          Add the embryo to a new style manager.
      commit 1b5798e5aea65de88322aaab47ee761fabf4564a
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Sun Mar 3 01:42:24 2013 +0100
          Add some nice defaults
      commit ba7db6b0492c76a66d60861ba4583aba3c676be9
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Sun Mar 3 01:24:02 2013 +0100
          Added new style storage class
      commit b3a1d64dfd38d7c459cf26036aade7c2946624a4
      Author: Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
      Date:   Sat Mar 2 00:34:09 2013 +0100
          Normalize SIGNAL and SLOT signatures in the chart shape.
  8. 09 Apr, 2013 1 commit
  9. 08 Apr, 2013 3 commits
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
      Implement a per-thread color space conversion cache · 8a013214
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      This makes the cross-colorspace painting about 2 times faster.
      There is really high contention on this mutex, so the per-thread storage
      relaxes it a bit.
    • Thorsten Zachmann's avatar
      Fix crash in document structure docker · ca22907c
      Thorsten Zachmann authored
      The problem was that the element was not removed then the document was deleted and
      therefore it crashed when used.
      BUG: 317975
    • Aman Madaan's avatar
      Expansion of the References section by adding features to insert hyperlinks, · 2f4dd4ff
      Aman Madaan authored
      bookmarks and links to bookmarks.
      This patch adds the following features :
      1. Inserting hyperlinks
         -- User has a choice of inserting a link by specifying the target and the
      link text.
         -- The user may fetch the title from the web page itself (contents of the
      "title" tag ). This feature also handles URL redirects.This feature will especially
      help in cases when a user has a list of links referred to and a list of references
      has to be created. Just copy/pasting the URL, clicking fetch and then insert will do the job.
      2. Linking to bookmarks
         -- A user can specify a bookmark name and the link text. To help the user
      with inserting a bookmark, an auto completer is used.
      3. Adding Bookmark using a labeled widget ( similar to the way footnote and
      endnote labels are entered)
      4. Improvement to the Manage Bookmarks ui by adding feature to insert a bookmark
      and fixing bugs.
      A list of commit headlines follow :
          Added licenses
          Fixed Insert and Rename feature in ManageBookmarks.
          Deleted Advanced options.
          Combined bookmark name line edit and the list widget into an editable combobox.
          Finised Internationalization
          Modify insertText() to accomodate links
          Merged LinkedInsertionDialog, WeblinkInsertionWidget and
          Add a new bookmark to the list as it is added
          Simple Link insertion finished.
          Added the SimpleLinkWidget to the references dock
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  15. 28 Mar, 2013 2 commits
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
      Fixed small issues with painting grayscale masks · efc4caad
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      1) Found the last instances of the usage of
         ' = new KisPaintDevice(smth->colorSpace())'. Now it is ready
         for substitution by some more obvious method.
      2) Introduced a common way of color picking between different paint
         devices (used in Color Smudge, Grid, Hairy and Spray brushes)
      3) Fixed the work of Color Smudge, Filter and Duplicate brushes
         on the masks.
      Still not done:
      1) Rename preferredDabColorSpace() into smth more sane
      2) Experiment brush: it needs Indirect Painting support which is not
         provided my masks :(
  16. 26 Mar, 2013 4 commits
    • Thorsten Zachmann's avatar
      Rework stylesmanager · ea53d0a8
      Thorsten Zachmann authored
      This fixes various crash conditions which where present in the styles manager.
      It used a different model for the style manager that handles the temporary styles
      during they are modified and not yet saved.
      REVIEW: 109651
      BUG: 314516
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
      Implemented a proper conversion when composing usual color spaces on the top of alpha8 · dba4e8b0
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      alpha8() colorspace is very special in pigment. Firstly, it is not handled
      by the lcms. More than that, most of the compositions do not work in it,
      since it has a bit weird definition of what is color and what is alpha
      channel. So when painting another colorspace above it, it is more sane
      to do the composition in the source colorspace, and only then convert
      the result to the destination alpha8.
      This patch implements a property for a color space, which defines
      whether the color space prefers such way of composition.
      TODO: there is a small problem currently, the bitBlt function should
            request the compositeOp of another color space every time it is
            called. That is not ideal of course and should probably fixed with
            some caching strategy.
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
      Added proper conversion between alpha8<->grayA8 color spaces · cea15360
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      The alpha channel of the alpha CS should be considered as color channel
      of the gray CS. That is needed for two reasons:
      1) When we paint on the selection the color channel *is* desired alpha
      2) We cannot use grayNoAlpha color space, because then exactBounds()
         and default pixel functionality won't work
    • Yue Liu's avatar
      added comments to preedit undeline changes · 46cb4aba
      Yue Liu authored
  17. 25 Mar, 2013 2 commits
  18. 24 Mar, 2013 2 commits
  19. 23 Mar, 2013 1 commit
    • Halla Rempt's avatar
      Set the style to oxygen or plastique if krita is running outside KDE · e103a448
      Halla Rempt authored
      Review: 109410
      Bug: 317133
      Only Plastique and Oxygen properly work with Krita and a dark theme. When
      we're not running in KDE, but for instance Gnome 3 or Unity, make sure the
      buggy gtk-qt style isn't used, but use plastique, or if that is available,
      the even better oxygen.
  20. 21 Mar, 2013 2 commits
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
      Added an ability to pick colors from the Color To Alpha filter · 850d417f
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      This patch makes several quite significant changes:
      1) KisToolPickColor now saves (!) its configuration to the disk! So you'll
         have your options loaded on the next run of Krita
      2) KisToolPickColor now has two sets of settings: for temporary activation
         (the one used in filters) and for usual activation. They both are
      3) The KoToolManager's methods for temporary switching of the tool are now
         made public. I guess, they were made private initially, because there was
         no usecase for it those days.
      So the interaction with the color2alpha filter is the following:
      1) You open a filter
      2) The filter activates the picker tool
      3) You can pick colors and change options of the tool: these changes will
         not affect your normal settings
      4) When you press Ok/Cancel the original tool is reactivated
      Known bugs:
      Color Picking doesn't work with Adj. Layers and Filter Masks :(
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
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