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    • Sebastian Sauer's avatar
      * Removed Argument cause they arn't used internaly any longer anyway. · e89b163d
      Sebastian Sauer authored
      * Ported KSpread binding to the new proxy-functions to show how to use them.
      Some more details about the proxies;
      * They remove the needing to deal with Kross::Api::* internals by doing all the
      needed conversation transparently via some template-magic.
      * doxygen could be used to produce scripting-handbooks.
      * We are able to connect that way any kind of method direct with Kross without
      the need to wrap anything.
      A small example;
      // We like to wrap that class
      class MyNativeClass {
              MyNativeClass* myFactoryMethod(const QString& name) {...}
      // So, here is the wrapper class
      class MyWrapperClass : Kross::Api::Class<TestPluginObject> {
              MyWrapperClass(MyNativeClass* instance) {
                  // just publish the method above and say who should handle
                  // the arguments by defining them as template-arguments.
                  this->addFunction1<MyWrapperClass, Kross::Api::Variant>
      	      ("myFactoryMethodName", instance, &MyNativeClass::myFactoryMethod);
      that was it already... we are able now to call the factory-method from within scripting code and will get an instance of MyWrapperClass as result. Basicly all kind of types could be wrapped that way dynamicly and we are even able to delegate methodcalls that way :)
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      Port rev. 552396 · 849218fc
      Sebastian Sauer authored
      svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=552402
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      * Ported rev. 552395; More performance · 41e99886
      Sebastian Sauer authored
      * Removed old Qt3 QObject-metaobject code. Will be replaced with the new Qt4 QMeta* functionality.
      * Cleanup, etc.
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      forward port the new algorithm (and rename the filter to gaussian, less negative than simple) · ed86e5a0
      Cyrille Berger authored
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      Fix compile testcases · a9064238
      Sebastian Sauer authored
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