1. 18 Jul, 2007 3 commits
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      Create a PaintContext for the KoTextDocumentLayout which holds the viewConverter. · bdc3ec09
      Thomas Zander authored
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      Add 'greeking'. · 8f557148
      Thomas Zander authored
      When you zoom text out too much all that is left are some blobs of pixels.
      In such a case instead of using the slow drawing text; just draw a rect
      or a line.  This speeds up the painting immensely since the side effect
      of zooming out < 20% is that you see a lot more text on the screen at the
      same time.  This makes that responsive again on all systems.
      Note that I calculate the amount of pixels that the text line would take, so
      this is the most correct manner of doing this I can think of.
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      added a unittest where bltMask fails · 04036b2b
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