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        This is the base class for actions that are executed on events.
        9.9 Presentation Events
        Many objects inside a presentation document support special presentation events. For example, a
        user can advance the presentation one frame when he clicks on an object with a corresponding
        event. Presentation events are contained with a graphic object's event listener table. See section
        9.2.21 for details.
        12.4 Event Listener Tables
        Many objects such as controls, images, text boxes, or an entire document support events. An
        event binds the occurrence of a particular condition to an action that is executed if the condition
        arises. For example, if a user places the cursor over a graphic, this condition triggers an action
        that is supported by the office application. This event, called "on-mouse-over", can be associated
        with a macro that is executed whenever the condition occurs, that is, whenever a user places the
        cursor over a graphic.
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