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    • Tusooa Zhu's avatar
      Ten Brushes: Allow users to configure whether to enable the "Preset History" feature · dfa7cb56
      Tusooa Zhu authored
      Summary: Ten Brushes in Krita 4.0.4 offers the feature of "Preset History." If one press the shortcut for a preset for the second time, it switches to the previously selected preset. However, some users may be confused with this. This patch adds a check box in the Ten Brushes settings window, and allow users to enable or disable this feature. By default, Preset History will still be turned on.
      Test Plan:
      [0] Click on "Tools" menu -> "Scripting" -> "Ten Brushes"
      Expected: the check box is checked by default.
      [1] Open any document in Krita.
      [2] Select any brush preset using a shortcut.
      Expected: the brush is selected.
      [3] Press that shortcut again.
      Expected: the previous brush is selected.
      [4] Click on "Tools" menu -> "Scripting" -> "Ten Brushes."
      [5] Uncheck the check box, and press "OK."
      Expected: No error happens, and the dialog closes.
      [6] Selevct any other brush preset using a shortcut.
      Expected: The brush is selected.
      [7] Press that shortcut again.
      Expected: The brush is still selected. It does not switch to the previous preset.
      [8] Restart Krita, and click on "Tools" menu -> "Scripting" -> "Ten Brushes."
      Expected: The settings remain.
      [9] Repeat [6] and [7].
      Expected: The same as in [6] and [7], respectively.
      [10] The testing is done.
      Reviewers: #krita, dkazakov
      Reviewed By: #krita, dkazakov
      Subscribers: dkazakov
      Tags: #krita
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D13697
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
      Fix loading of files with 'Box' transformation filter · 5f86c598
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      We have released Krita with new name for the Box filter,
      so now we have two variants for the name of this filer,
      which is used in different places.
      This patch adds aliases support for KoGenericRegistry and
      makes 'Box' to be a variant for 'NearestNeighbour'
      Test Plan:
      0) Add the following section to kritarc
      1) Start Krita
      2) Krita shouldn't crash
      3) Also try for other filter ids: Bicubic, NearestNeighbor, Bilinear
      Reviewers: #krita, rempt
      Tags: #krita
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D13796
    • Andrey Kamakin's avatar
      Added config file for hash table implementation switch. · 73125cb1
      Andrey Kamakin authored
      Ref T8874
    • Script Kiddy's avatar
      GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction) · 0ce8ef8d
      Script Kiddy authored
  9. 30 Jun, 2018 9 commits
    • Andrey Kamakin's avatar
      Code clean. · cdc285b5
      Andrey Kamakin authored
      Ref T8874
    • Andrey Kamakin's avatar
      Added compile time switch for hash tables. · 24975f88
      Andrey Kamakin authored
      Ref T8874
    • Andrey Kamakin's avatar
      Changed QSBR to clean more often. · 0ff58df2
      Andrey Kamakin authored
      Added sanity checks.
      Ref T8874
    • Boudewijn Rempt's avatar
      Remove unneeded QT definitions · 6eb14487
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      * QT_USE_FAST_CONCATENATION got dropped pre-Qt5
      Copied from https://commits.kde.org/calligra/697cf600d511f236c15971c0d15f0645951cde26
    • Boudewijn Rempt's avatar
      Fix build error on windows · eb030aa1
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      I'm not totally sure what's up, but the double declaration doesn;t work:
      canning dependencies of target kritaui
      [ 55%] Building CXX object
      C:\dev\krita\libs\ui\widgets\KisScreenColorPicker.cpp:275:83: warning:
      'KisDlgInternalColorSelector::s_screenColorPickerFactory' redeclared
      without dllimport attribute: previous dllimport ignored [-Wattributes]
       std::function<KisScreenColorPickerBase *(QWidget *)>
      KisDlgInternalColorSelector::s_screenColorPickerFactory =
      C:\dev\krita\libs\ui\widgets\KisScreenColorPicker.cpp: In function 'void
      C:\dev\krita\libs\ui\widgets\KisScreenColorPicker.cpp:275:54: error:
      definition of static data member
      'KisDlgInternalColorSelector::s_screenColorPickerFactory' of dllimport'd
       std::function<KisScreenColorPickerBase *(QWidget *)>
      KisDlgInternalColorSelector::s_screenColorPickerFactory =
      libs\ui\CMakeFiles\kritaui.dir\build.make:6050: recipe for target
      mingw32-make[2]: ***
      Error 1
      CMakeFiles\Makefile2:18278: recipe for target
      'libs/ui/CMakeFiles/kritaui.dir/all' failed
      mingw32-make[1]: *** [libs/ui/CMakeFiles/kritaui.dir/all] Error 2
      Makefile:139: recipe for target 'all' failed
      mingw32-make: *** [all] Error 2
    • Boudewijn Rempt's avatar
      Fix export so windows build works · ba34e750
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
    • Boudewijn Rempt's avatar
      Re-add Invert Selection to the menu · a99abe4a
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
    • Script Kiddy's avatar
      SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always resolve ours · 026c5dec
      Script Kiddy authored
      In case of conflict in i18n, keep the version of the branch "ours"
      To resolve a particular conflict, "git checkout --ours path/to/file.desktop"
    • Michael Zhou's avatar
      Refactoring to Enable KisPaletteView to Be Used in More Widgets · b0c70d4c
      Michael Zhou authored
      KisPaletteView was in kritaui, which depends on kritawidgets. There are also several widgets in kritawidgets that have their own implementation for GUI of a palette. This revision moves KisPaletteView into kritawidgets so that these widgets can use it. This way, in future modification in the palette (or the color set), fewer work would be needed.
      The next step is to modify these widgets so that they use KisPaletteView instead of their own implementations.
      The following changes are made:
      + KisPaletteView, KisPaletteModel and KisPaletteDelegate are now in kritawidgets
      + KisDlgInternalColorSelector and the multiple classes used by it are now in kritawidgets, except for KisScreenColorPicker, which is still in kritaui. A dependency inversion is used to enable KisDlgInternalColorSelector to use it.
      + KisColorsetSelector is now inside kritawidgets
      + KisConfigNotifier in now in kritaglobal
      + KisColorButton and KisColorInput are now in kritawidgets
      + KisPopupButton is now in kritawidgets
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