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    * FEATURE: add 16 bits gray and cmyk colorspaces · 732d95c2
    Boudewijn Rempt authored
        * Removed unused brightnes/contrast methods from all colorspaces -- these are replaced
          by applyAdjustment.
        * Moved the popup buttons to a docker, made the paintop box a combobox and placed
          all of them in their own docker; let's see whether that works out. If you don't
          like this arrangement, shout at me.
        * Filled in the u8 and u16 base colorspaces with alpha/to/from qcolor and other
          common functionality.
        * Optimize bigendian display by using lcms for the byte-swapping
        * Made a generic toQImage that uses lcms.
        * Created a KisDlgLayerProperties dialog that shows the colorspace of the current
          layer and also used a .ui file, instead of a coded layout.
        * Added a createdcop.py script that generates the skeleton for a dcop interface
        * Messed about with dcop some more
        * Since an icc profiles works with any lcms colorspace, make the lcmscolorspace type
          private to kisprofile.
        * Added icons to the items in the paintop box
        * Fix cutting
        * Fix XYZ colorspace
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