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It's one big ball of outdatedness: pretty much nothing was relevant
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= Notes for Packagers =
== Patching Qt ==
Qt 5.6 is currently the recommended version to build Krita with on all platforms. However, Qt 5.6 on Linux needs to be patched for .
The patch in 3rdparty/ext_qt/qt-no-motion-compression.diff
== Package Contents ==
We recommend that all of Krita packaged in one package: there is no need to split Krita up. In particular, do not make a separate package out of the plugins directory; without the plugins Krita will not even start.
Krita does not install header files, so there is no need for a corresponding -dev(el) package.
== Third Party Libraries ==
The top-level 3rd-party directory is not relevant for packaging: it only contains CMake projects for all of Krita's dependencies which are used for building Krita on Windows and OSX. It is not called from the top-level CMakeLists.txt project.
There are four forks of 3rd party libraries that are relevant and cannot be replaced by system libraries:
* plugins/impex/raw/3rdparty contains a fork of kdcraw. Upstream removed most functionality from this library and is in general unable to provide a stable API. The library has been renamed to avoid conflicts with upstream kdcraw.
* plugins/impex/xcf/3rdparty contains the xcftools code. This has never been released as a library
* libs/image/3rdparty contains einspline. This code is directly linked into the kritaimage library and has never been released as a separate library.
== Build flags ==
Krita no longer supports a build without OpenGL.
For alpha and beta packages, please build with debug output enabled, but for production packages the -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS="-DKDE_NO_DEBUG_OUTPUT" is recommended. A significant performance increase will be the result.
If you build Krita with RelWithDebInfo to be able to create a corresponding -dbg package, please define -DQT_NO_DEBUG=1 as well to disable asserts.
== Dependencies ==
Krita depends on:
* boost and the boost-system library
* eigen3
* exiv2
* fftw3
* gsl
* ilmbase
* jpeg: Note that libjpeg-turbo is recommended.
* lcms2
* libraw
* opencolorio
* openexr
* png
* poppler-qt5
* pthreads
* qt-5: Note that Qt 5.6 is _strongly_ recommended. Qt 5.5 has bugs that interfere with proper handling of tablet events
* tiff
* vc: this is a build-time dependency only
* zlib
And the following KDE Frameworks:
* Archive
* Completion
* Config
* CoreAddons
* GuiAddons
* I18n
* ItemModels
* ItemViews
* KCrash
* WidgetsAddons
* WindowSystem
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