Commit 495a904c authored by Ivan Yossi's avatar Ivan Yossi 👌

Fix Rectangular Soft mask rendering bug

On certain curves if the xr value is not compared to
absolute it will render a mirrored brush image ar the borders
parent f6e2ed24
......@@ -205,9 +205,8 @@ public:
Vc::float_v vXLimit(m_xLimit);
Vc::float_v vYLimit(m_yLimit);
Vc::float_m outXMask = xr > vXLimit;
Vc::float_m outYMask = yr > vYLimit;
Vc::float_m outXMask = Vc::abs(xr) > vXLimit;
Vc::float_m outYMask = Vc::abs(yr) > vYLimit;
return (outXMask | outYMask);
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