Commit b7e7442e authored by Andrey Kamakin's avatar Andrey Kamakin

Fixed KisKraSaverTest

Ref T8874
parent 572b2ad2
......@@ -253,15 +253,12 @@ KisTileHashTableTraits2<T>::KisTileHashTableTraits2(const KisTileHashTableTraits
QWriteLocker otherLocker(&ht.m_iteratorLock);
QWriteLocker locker(&m_iteratorLock);
QWriteLocker locker(&ht.m_iteratorLock);
typename ConcurrentMap<quint32, TileType*>::Iterator iter(ht.m_map);
while (iter.isValid()) {
TileTypeSP tile = TileTypeSP(new TileType(*iter.getValue(), m_mementoManager));
insert(iter.getKey(), tile);;
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