Commit c83359fc authored by Dirk Farin's avatar Dirk Farin Committed by Boudewijn Rempt

remove old error checking code

parent b97f5154
......@@ -120,45 +120,6 @@ KisImportExportFilter::ConversionStatus HeifExport::convert(KisDocument *documen
HeifConverter heifConverter(document, !batchMode());
KisImageBuilder_Result res;
res = heifConverter.buildFile(filename(), image);
dbgFile << " Result =" << res;
switch (res) {
case KisImageBuilder_RESULT_INVALID_ARG:
document->setErrorMessage(i18n("This layer cannot be saved to HEIF."));
return KisImportExportFilter::WrongFormat;
case KisImageBuilder_RESULT_EMPTY:
document->setErrorMessage(i18n("The layer does not have an image associated with it."));
return KisImportExportFilter::WrongFormat;
case KisImageBuilder_RESULT_NO_URI:
document->setErrorMessage(i18n("The filename is empty."));
return KisImportExportFilter::CreationError;
case KisImageBuilder_RESULT_NOT_LOCAL:
document->setErrorMessage(i18n("HEIF images cannot be saved remotely."));
return KisImportExportFilter::InternalError;
case KisImageBuilder_RESULT_OK:
if (!heifConverter.errorMessage().isNull()) {
return KisImportExportFilter::OK;
document->setErrorMessage(i18n("Internal Error"));
return KisImportExportFilter::InternalError;
// --- convert KisImage to HEIF image ---
int width = image->width();
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