Commit d4715e98 authored by Ivan Yossi's avatar Ivan Yossi 👌

Fix lineHeight variance in multiline text

On multiple line text, with white space between
lines, if first line wraps around text editor the line height
of first line will be equal to the whitespace between lines.

This does not affect rendering on canvas, but was
annoying to edit multiline text.
parent 0bc6254d
......@@ -842,6 +842,8 @@ bool KoSvgTextShapeMarkupConverter::convertSvgToDocument(const QString &svgText,
QTextLine line = cursor.block().layout()->lineAt(0);
// Hack Create new block to allow lineHeight spill to empty line
if (prevBlockCursorPosition >= 0) {
postCorrectBlockHeight(doc, line.ascent(), prevLineAscent, prevLineDescent,
prevBlockCursorPosition, currBlockAbsoluteLineOffset);
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