Commit d5e174a7 authored by Sharaf Zaman's avatar Sharaf Zaman

Add ANDROID_API_LEVEL in for android toolchain

Maniphest: T10784
parent 43b84458
......@@ -4,18 +4,22 @@
: ${CMAKE_ANDROID_NDK?"Android NDK path must be set"}
: ${BUILD_ROOT? "Build root must be set"}
: ${ANDROID_SDK_ROOT? "Android SDK path must be set"}
: ${ANDROID_API_LEVEL?"Android API level is required"}
if [[ -z $ANDROID_ABI ]]; then
echo "ANDROID_ABI not specified, using the default one: armeabi-v7a"
cmake $KRITA_ROOT/3rdparty \
-DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=$CMAKE_ANDROID_NDK/build/cmake/android.toolchain.cmake \
-DANDROID_STL=c++_static \
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