Commit d7d67085 authored by Jeroen Hoolmans's avatar Jeroen Hoolmans

cleanup alpha changed message.

parent 67efd59c
......@@ -133,14 +133,12 @@ struct ExrPaintLayerSaveInfo {
struct EXRConverter::Private {
: doc(0)
, alphaWasModified(false)
, showNotifications(false)
KisImageSP image;
KisDocument *doc;
bool alphaWasModified;
bool showNotifications;
QString errorMessage;
......@@ -839,23 +837,6 @@ KisImageBuilder_Result EXRConverter::decode(const QString &filename)
// Set projectionColor to opaque
d->image->setDefaultProjectionColor(KoColor(Qt::transparent, colorSpace));
// After reading the image, notify the user about changed alpha.
if (d->alphaWasModified) {
QString msg =
"The image contains pixels with zero alpha channel and non-zero "
"color channels. Krita has modified those pixels to have "
"at least some alpha. The initial values will <i>not</i> "
"be reverted on saving the image back."
"This will hardly make any visual difference just keep it in mind.");
if (d->showNotifications) {
QMessageBox::information(0, i18nc("@title:window", "EXR image has been modified"), msg);
} else {
warnKrita << "WARNING:" << msg;
if (!extraLayersInfo.isNull()) {
KisExrLayersSorter sorter(extraLayersInfo, d->image);
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