Commit f265001b authored by Alvin Wong's avatar Alvin Wong

Make zoom mode persist when moving across screens

Keep the old zoom mode (fit page / page width) when moving the window
across screens so it won't be reset to a constant percentage.
parent 458beaaa
......@@ -360,7 +360,10 @@ void KisZoomManager::changeAspectMode(bool aspectMode)
KisImageWSP image = m_view->image();
const KoZoomMode::Mode newMode = KoZoomMode::ZOOM_CONSTANT;
// changeAspectMode is called with the same aspectMode when the window is
// moved across screens. Preserve the old zoomMode if this is the case.
const KoZoomMode::Mode newMode =
aspectMode == m_aspectMode ? m_zoomHandler->zoomMode() : KoZoomMode::ZOOM_CONSTANT;
const qreal newZoom = m_zoomHandler->zoom();
const qreal resolutionX =
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