1. 10 Jul, 2019 2 commits
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      Try to make this test succeed on Jenkins · 32f46f79
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      Apparently, on Jenkins we cannot create all of these colorspaces,
      so don't fail by dereferencing a null pointer:
      ********* Start testing of TestLcmsRGBP2020PQColorSpace *********
      Config: Using QtTest library 5.12.4, Qt 5.12.4 (x86_64-little_endian-lp64 shared (dynamic) release build; by GCC 9.1.1 20190611 [gcc-9-branch revision 272147])
      PASS   : TestLcmsRGBP2020PQColorSpace::initTestCase()
      ==6181==ERROR: AddressSanitizer: SEGV on unknown address 0x000000000008 (pc 0x7f3f02031167 bp 0x7fff6f5c1290 sp 0x7fff6f5c1280 T0)
      ==6181==The signal is caused by a READ memory access.
      ==6181==Hint: address points to the zero page.
          #0 0x7f3f02031166 in KoColorSpace::id() const /home/jenkins/workspace/Extragear/krita/kf5-qt5 SUSEQt5.12/libs/pigment/KoColorSpace.cpp:106
          #1 0x41535a in testRoundTrip(KoColorSpace const*, KoColorSpace const*, SourceType) /home/jenkins/workspace/Extragear/krita/kf5-qt5 SUSEQt5.12/plugins/color/lcms2engine/tests/TestLcmsRGBP2020PQColorSpace.cpp:44
          #2 0x418726 in testRoundTrip(KoID const&, KoID const&, SourceType) /home/jenkins/workspace/Extragear/krita/kf5-qt5 SUSEQt5.12/plugins/color/lcms2engine/tests/TestLcmsRGBP2020PQColorSpace.cpp:118
          #3 0x4192b2 in TestLcmsRGBP2020PQColorSpace::test() /home/jenkins/workspace/Extragear/krita/kf5-qt5 SUSEQt5.12/plugins/color/lcms2engine/tests/TestLcmsRGBP2020PQColorSpace.cpp:143
          #4 0x40aa2c in TestLcmsRGBP2020PQColorSpace::qt_static_metacall(QObject*, QMetaObject::Call, int, void**) /home/jenkins/workspace/Extragear/krita/kf5-qt5 SUSEQt5.12/build/plugins/color/lcms2engine/tests/TestLcmsRGBP2020PQColorSpace_autogen/EWIEGA46WW/moc_TestLcmsRGBP2020PQColorSpace.cpp:78
          #5 0x7f3efcc6889a in QMetaMethod::invoke(QObject*, Qt::ConnectionType, QGenericReturnArgument, QGenericArgument, QGenericArgument, QGenericArgument, QGenericArgument, QGenericArgument, QGenericArgument, QGenericArgument, QGenericArgument, QGenericArgument, QGenericArgument) const (/usr/lib64/libQt5Core.so.5+0x29689a)
          #6 0x7f3f050a0962  (/usr/lib64/libQt5Test.so.5+0x19962)
          #7 0x7f3f050a1352  (/usr/lib64/libQt5Test.so.5+0x1a352)
          #8 0x7f3f050a1910  (/usr/lib64/libQt5Test.so.5+0x1a910)
          #9 0x7f3f050a1cda in QTest::qRun() (/usr/lib64/libQt5Test.so.5+0x1acda)
          #10 0x7f3f050a1edb in QTest::qExec(QObject*, int, char**) (/usr/lib64/libQt5Test.so.5+0x1aedb)
          #11 0x41b9d7 in main /home/jenkins/workspace/Extragear/krita/kf5-qt5 SUSEQt5.12/plugins/color/lcms2engine/tests/TestLcmsRGBP2020PQColorSpace.cpp:185
          #12 0x7f3efc4f2bca in __libc_start_main (/lib64/libc.so.6+0x26bca)
          #13 0x40a8f9 in _start (/home/jenkins/workspace/Extragear/krita/kf5-qt5 SUSEQt5.12/build/plugins/color/lcms2engine/tests/TestLcmsRGBP2020PQColorSpace+0x40a8f9)
      AddressSanitizer can not provide additional info.
      SUMMARY: AddressSanitizer: SEGV /home/jenkins/workspace/Extragear/krita/kf5-qt5 SUSEQt5.12/libs/pigment/KoColorSpace.cpp:106 in KoColorSpace::id() const
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      Fix copy/paste frames to clipboard · 5b8660d2
      Ivan Yossi authored
      This does not work if source was closed inbetween operations or
      source is in another krita instance.
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      Fix 0 fuzziness in Similar Color Selection Tool · 73ab3005
      Agata Cacko authored
      In Contiguous Color Selection Tool the fuzziness slider goes from 1 up.
      In Similar Color Selection Tool in the code there is an explicit check
      for fuzziness = 1 with an assumption there is no fuzziness lower than 1.
      However the slider didn't conform to that before this commit.
      This commit fixes this situation, now the fuzziness slider for Similar
      Color Selection Tool goes from 1 up.
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      Fix Contiguous sel. tool no checkbox for AA · 080e298f
      Agata Cacko authored
      Before this commit there was an issue when other selection tools
      had vector selections mode checked. In vector selections mode,
      there is no anti-aliasing, so the checkbox is hidden. The problem is,
      similar color selection tool and contiguous color selection tool are
      pixel-only, so they don't care about vector selections mode being
      Moreover similar color selection tool doesn't use AA checkbox.
      This commit ensures that checkbox is visible always on contiguous
      selection tool, never on similar color selection tool and only in pixel
      selection mode in other tools.
  15. 18 Jun, 2019 2 commits