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    • Boudewijn Rempt's avatar
      Convert all relevant desktop files to json · 9acd0d55
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      This also takes them out of the translation system, which is good,
      since none of the strings from the desktop files was ever shown in
      the gui. The plugins are now stored in kritaplugins, which is more
      unique than plain 'krita'.
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    • Juan Palacios's avatar
      Use device->peek inside canRead methods of kimgio kra and ora plugins · 71c7b04e
      Juan Palacios authored
      KZip were used inside canRead(device) method of ora and kra handlers.
      Those methods are called by the plugin capabilities(...) method. The
      documentation of QImageIOPlugin::capabilities specifies that the
      device state should not be changed inside this method.
      The problem is that KZip (KArchive) was altering and closing the device
      at destruction, causing the most visible effect of missing icons on kde
      applications and a lot of "QIODevice::seek (QBuffer): The device is
      not open" messages on the terminal.
      Now both handler canRead methods use device->peek to ensure that the
      device state is not changed when used inside the plugin capabilities
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    • Boudewijn Rempt's avatar
      Port away from kdebug to qcdebug · 4fa86a75
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      The approach taken is a bit different from what's in the porting
      scripts or in pigment: I've moved kis_debug to libglobal and adapted
      the dbgKrita etc. defines to use qcDebug etc. I've kept the old
      category numbers for now. I've also ported all places where we
      used kDebug() etc. directly, and not a few places where qDebug() etc
      were used directly.
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      Revert "Merge the branch words-sections-deniskup" · 93aa0d4f
      Inge Wallin authored
      That merge was no good.
      This reverts commit b62e5f48ca2783690cc82d9546f21db3ae3b3782.
    • Inge Wallin's avatar
      Merge the branch words-sections-deniskup · deda1943
      Inge Wallin authored
      This commit merges the branch words-sections-deniskup. It was
      originally merged to master, but without --squash, which this commit
      contains.  This branch only contains fixes to handling of text
      sections and no other things, in particular nothing to do with the
      text outliner which will be merged to master during the merge window.
      I have looked through all the changes line by line and I *think* that
      I have checked everything.  I could find no new strings but I may have
      missed something.  There are a number of new translations of old ones
      because the branch has gotten master merged into it at some points.
      Because of the freeze there should be no other new features but also
      that could have slipped through my checks. If so, I hope that I can be
      forgiven for missing it.
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