Commit 8c4fa6e0 authored by Emmanuel Pescosta's avatar Emmanuel Pescosta
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Fixes Bug 305783 - dragging a file over a directory #c4

     does not expand the dir => Bug discovered: When you drag a
     item onto a folder-view-item and then move it away
     instantly before the autoactivation event is triggered
     (After 750ms), the folder will be opened anyway.

BUG: 305783
REVIEW: 106381
FIXED-IN: 4.9.2
(cherry picked from commit 9ab8bcd6)
parent aa7efb05
......@@ -489,7 +489,16 @@ void KItemListController::slotAutoActivationTimeout()
if (m_model->supportsDropping(index)) {
/* m_view->isUnderMouse() fixes a bug in the Folder-View-Panel and in the
* Places-Panel.
* Bug: When you drag a file onto a Folder-View-Item or a Places-Item and
* then move away before the auto-activation timeout triggers, than the
* item still becomes activated/expanded.
* See Bug 293200 and 305783
if (m_model->supportsDropping(index) && m_view->isUnderMouse()) {
if (m_view->supportsItemExpanding() && m_model->isExpandable(index)) {
const bool expanded = m_model->isExpanded(index);
m_model->setExpanded(index, !expanded);
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