Commit d1808d56 authored by Martin Tobias Holmedahl Sandsmark's avatar Martin Tobias Holmedahl Sandsmark Committed by Jekyll Wu
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Use a saner check for multimedia files in infopanel.

Don't rely on the reported supported mimetypes from Phonon,
Phonon supports more than just video and audio, but if it is
video or audio there's a very good chance Phonon supports it.

(If the mime type isn't in the list returned by Phonon there's
still a good chance it supports it, because mime types are stupid.)

BUG: 252539
FIXED-IN: 4.9.1

(cherry picked from commit 2fb4419d)
parent 146c77ea
......@@ -197,9 +197,7 @@ void InformationPanelContent::showItem(const KFileItem& item)
if (InformationPanelSettings::previewsShown()) {
const QString mimeType = item.mimetype();
const bool usePhonon = Phonon::BackendCapabilities::isMimeTypeAvailable(mimeType) &&
(mimeType != "image/png"); // TODO: workaround, as Phonon
// thinks it supports PNG images
const bool usePhonon = mimeType.startsWith("audio/") || mimeType.startsWith("video/");
if (usePhonon) {
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