Commit af280715 authored by Vishesh Handa's avatar Vishesh Handa

KFileItemModelRolesUpdater: Avoid multiple updates for Nepomuk data

The Nepomuk ResourceWatcher emits 3 signals - propertyChanged,
propertyAdded and propertyRemoved. We should only listen to either the
propertyChanged signal or the propertyAdded + Removed signals. There is
no point in listening to all 3 signals. That will just result in
unnecessary updates.

Additionally, we do not need to listen to the resourceCreated signal.
That is only emitted when we are watching for a specific types, which we
are not.

REVIEW: 108543
parent c1051731
......@@ -279,12 +279,6 @@ void KFileItemModelRolesUpdater::setRoles(const QSet<QByteArray>& roles)
m_nepomukResourceWatcher = new Nepomuk2::ResourceWatcher(this);
connect(m_nepomukResourceWatcher, SIGNAL(propertyChanged(Nepomuk2::Resource,Nepomuk2::Types::Property,QVariantList,QVariantList)),
this, SLOT(applyChangedNepomukRoles(Nepomuk2::Resource)));
connect(m_nepomukResourceWatcher, SIGNAL(propertyRemoved(Nepomuk2::Resource,Nepomuk2::Types::Property,QVariant)),
this, SLOT(applyChangedNepomukRoles(Nepomuk2::Resource)));
connect(m_nepomukResourceWatcher, SIGNAL(propertyAdded(Nepomuk2::Resource,Nepomuk2::Types::Property,QVariant)),
this, SLOT(applyChangedNepomukRoles(Nepomuk2::Resource)));
connect(m_nepomukResourceWatcher, SIGNAL(resourceCreated(Nepomuk2::Resource,QList<QUrl>)),
this, SLOT(applyChangedNepomukRoles(Nepomuk2::Resource)));
} else if (!hasNepomukRole && m_nepomukResourceWatcher) {
delete m_nepomukResourceWatcher;
m_nepomukResourceWatcher = 0;
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