Commit 073c8428 authored by T.C. Hollingsworth's avatar T.C. Hollingsworth

kcmlaunch doc: fix ulinks to work with

CCBUG: 292560
parent 16b39396
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ enabled, you can set a time in the
window, or an entry in the taskbar. Some of them, for example, are
docked into the &kde; system tray. Alternatively, it might be that you
sent it off to a different virtual desktop, and in the <guilabel>Filters</guilabel>
section of the <ulink url="help:/plasma-desktop/index.html#panel">
section of the <ulink url="help:/plasma-desktop/panel.html">
<guilabel>Task Manager Settings</guilabel></ulink> the option <guilabel>Only show
tasks from the current desktop</guilabel> is checked. Setting a timeout ensures that,
even in these cases, you can still get launch feedback, but also that
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