Commit 37c41114 authored by Ian Wadham's avatar Ian Wadham

BUG: 337742 Go directly to passwords-only security on Bugzilla.

Token-based security was failing on Linux if there were cookies in the
KCookieJar, causing crash reports not to be accepted by
parent 6ec92cf1
......@@ -108,11 +108,10 @@ void BugzillaManager::setFeaturesForVersion(const QString& version)
m_security = UseCookies; // Used to have cookies for update-security.
if (currentVersion >= KDE_MAKE_VERSION(4, 4, 3)) {
// Security method changes from cookies to tokens in v4.4.3.
m_security = UseTokens;
if (currentVersion >= KDE_MAKE_VERSION(4, 5, 0)) {
// Security method changes from tokens to password-only in v4.5.x.
// Security method changes from cookies to tokens in Bugzilla 4.4.3.
// BUT, tokens fail when kio_http sends any cookies found in KCookieJar,
// so go directly to passwords-only security (supported since Bugzilla
// 3.6 and will be enforced in Bugzilla 4.5.x).
m_security = UsePasswords;
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