Commit 49e65509 authored by Lamarque Souza's avatar Lamarque Souza
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Port shutdown dialog to QML.

REVIEW: 103621
BUG: 216853
BUG: 175284
parent 740b84da
......@@ -154,8 +154,7 @@ void KSMServer::shutdown( KWorkSpace::ShutdownConfirm confirm,
if ( !logoutConfirmed ) {
KSMShutdownFeedback::start(); // make the screen gray
//QString theme = cg.readEntry( "theme", "default" );
QString theme = cg.readEntry( "theme", "contour" );
QString theme = cg.readEntry( "theme", "default" );
logoutConfirmed = KSMShutdownDlg::confirmShutdown( maysd, choose, sdtype, bopt, theme);
// ###### We can't make the screen remain gray while talking to the apps,
// because this prevents interaction ("do you want to save", etc.)
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