Commit 4d711942 authored by Helio Chissini de Castro's avatar Helio Chissini de Castro 💬

Fix for bug

Multihead locking session not properly locks all screens, leaving all
but first unlocked
parent 8b2c68c5
......@@ -151,8 +151,8 @@ void UnlockApp::desktopResized()
const bool canLogout = KAuthorized::authorizeKAction("logout") && KAuthorized::authorize("logout");
const QSet<Solid::PowerManagement::SleepState> spdMethods = Solid::PowerManagement::supportedSleepStates();
for (int i = m_views.count(); i < nScreens; ++i) {
// create the view
QDeclarativeView *view = new QDeclarativeView();
// create the view - we need create a view per screen in multihead cases
QDeclarativeView *view = new QDeclarativeView(desktop()->screen(i));
connect(view, SIGNAL(statusChanged(QDeclarativeView::Status)),
this, SLOT(viewStatusChanged(QDeclarativeView::Status)));
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